Travel and Covid-19 Information

Covid-19 Updates

By clicking on the following link, you will get all the important information about any restrictions for travels to Greece:

These information are regularly updated.


It is not mandatory to wear a mask inside the Congress venue(s). It is however recommended.


Getting tested for Covid-19 in Thessaloniki

Who should take a test for Covid-19? People experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 disease, people who have come in contact with confirmed cases of COVID-19, people who have recently traveled to countries with a widespread outbreak of COVID-19, people who continue to work in order to provide basic services, people who worry about their health.


Aegean Medical Service or Euromedica provide all types of Covid-19 tests for your business, for individuals, for travelers who visit Greece.



Monday-Friday | Support 7:00am – 21:30pm
Saturday | Support 8:00am – 21:00pm
Sunday | Support 8:00am – 21:00pm

Location: in the center of Thessaloniki, Mitropoleos 50

+30 698 517 9999
+30 2310 224 224


Monday-Friday | Support 7:00am – 20:00pm
Saturday-Sunday | Support 9:00am – 17:00pm

Location: Marias Kallas 11 & Gravias 2 | 546 45 Thessaloniki

+30 2310 895263 (24/7/365)

+302310 895263 (Monday-Friday 9:00-15:00)

Travel by airplane

The Thessaloniki Airport Makedonia is a 12-minute drive away from the Thessaloniki Concert Hall. It is also possible to reach it by public transportation, use the shuttle 1X and 1N, which leaves every 30 minutes. Get off at Thessaloniki 25 Martiou. It is a short walk of 8 minutes to the Concert Hall.

Travel by Railway

The Thessaloniki railroad station is one of the most frequented railroad stations in Greece. The station is connected to the regional bus station and Thessaloniki airport by a bus line, and several city bus lines stop here.
You can buy a ticket from the ticket machine on the bus, but you must remember that the ticket machine does not change back. A one-way ticket costs EUR 2.00, students and seniors over 65 years pay EUR 1.00.

Travel by car (from the airport)

From the airport, it takes about 12 minutes by car to the Thessaloniki Concert Hall.

Travel by taxi

At the Thessaloniki Airport Makedonia, taxis are available in front of the arrivals hall to take you to the Thessaloniki Concert Hall (TCH), which is only 13km far and takes around 12min.

There is a special offer for all delegates when using the taxi company TAXIWAY (mobile app 18300 or +30 231 086 6866). Please inform the taxi driver that you will attend the ESRA Congress.

  • From TCH to the airport or vice versa EUR 15.00
  • From hotels in the city center to the airport or vice versa EUR 18.00
  • From the hotels Porto Palace, The Met, Grand Hotel or vice versa EUR 20.00
  • From TCH to the city center or vice versa EUR 7.00

Another way to get a taxi in Thessaloniki is via the app “Beat“.